Well Equipped and State of the Art

Horizontal CNC Machining
Loveridge Machine was one of the first job shops in the Intermountain West to use horizontal CNC machining centers. The horizontal format allows quicker set up times and the ability to index a part and have full 360 degree machining capability. These features allow maximum access to each production piece with minimum changes in fixturing, thus saving considerable time on both medium and long runs.

With the addition of the Makino a81M 5 Axis machining center with integrated 8-pallet system, Loveridge Machine continues as a leader in the horizontal machining technology. The state of the art Complex allows for J.I.T. deliver of a wide variety of sophisticated parts.

1 Makino a81M Horizontal 5 Axis Machining Center 8 Pallet Complex
1 Doosan HM6300 Horizontal 4 Axis Machining Center 10 Pallet Complex
1 Kitamura H400 Horizontal 4 Axis Machining Center
1 Haas VF-3 Vertical 4 Axis Machining Center
1 Haas VM-6 Vertical 5 Axis Machining Center
1 Haas VF-11 Vertical 4 Axis Machining Center

CNC Lathes
To provide complete machine production and prototype services, Loveridge has several CNC lathes with capabilities up to 30″ diameter and up to 60″ length. Our Bar Stock Capacity goes up to 7.2″ diameter. With Y-axis and sub spindles we are able to machine even more complex parts with greater economical factors and quality. The CNC lathes provide increased precision, speed and consistency.

3 Daewoo Puma 2500SY
2 Daewoo Puma 2000SY
1 Daewoo Puma 300-MSC
1 Takisawa EX-122 Large Bore Lathe
1 Daewoo Puma 230-MB
2 Citizen L25/35 Swiss Machines
1 Haas TL-3 Lathe

Conventional Lathes, Mills & Welding
Even with sophisticated machining center on line, there is still the need for conventional lathes and mills. This need is especially obvious for short runs and prototype work where it would likely be costly to use a machining center.

Lathes range from our Mazak with a capability of 40″ diameter x 120″ centers to the high-precision Hardinge tool room lathe. A tracer lathe with 9″ diameter x 100″ centers is also on line for tracing work.

Both horizontal and vertical mills are in operation for added versatility. These machines provide the ability to meet the demand for precision prototype and tooling work required by a large number of our customers. In addition, they provide the tooling and fixtures for our own in-house requirements. Our capabilities extend to surface grinding and our own in-house tool and cutter grinding department.

Another of our support functions is welding all types of metal. We specialize in MIG, TIG and arc welding by certified welders who meet the criteria of the American Welding Society and the federal government. We have the capabilities to do light to medium fabrication work as needed to supplement shop projects.

Design & Engineering

Dave Edwards talks about engineering

Behind the ability to produce complex parts is our professional engineering capability. Having some of the finest machinery on the market just isn’t quite enough. It takes dedicated people with the skill to program and utilize that sophisticated equipment.

Our engineering staff has the capability of programing CNC five-axis machining, import blueprints up to size D on the plotter directly from customers, interface and CMM and digitize three-dimensional surfaces and convert the data into a CNC program for precision machining. Using imposing three-dimensional CAD software, a computerized picture profile can be created for review before machining ever begins.

Reverse Engineering
With the use of Coordinate Measuring Machines, Laser Scanners, portable hand held, and software that allows easy data manipulation of point clouds with millions of data points Loveridge can reverse engineer the most complex of parts and provide 3d renderings and solid models of these same parts.

Our experienced engineers and technicians have helped customers develop a variety of products.

We bring your ideas to reality and do the job right the first time.